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Monic Peters runs a laptop store with her friend Lora Page. She formerly worked for a software company in Nashville California. She is a web designer by the side.


She owns a website where she provides laptop features and guides for potential buyers that is linked to her store.


She also encourages customers both present and previous to drop comments and reviews on the different brands of laptops for sale in her store and outside her store.


She also enjoys writing and making reviews on various home products and appliances. She lives in California with her four daughters. She is one of those people who plays games on her laptop as much as she works on it. And so does her girls.


A tablet PC is the size of a notepad or a paper tablet. It is less than 3pounds in weight


The heart of your computer is its CPU (Computer Processing Unit). There is the Intel Centrino Duo and the Athlon (TM) 64 X2 Dual Core processor. Either one is a fine choice for a Dual Core Processing Unit.

Your hard drive is your storage space. It is the destination site for your stored files. There are laptops with as much as 100gig storage space. If you don't need that much space, you can go for less huge ones.

The RAM determines the speed of your computer. How fast your computer will process your tasks is dependent on the size of its RAM. There are now laptops pre-loaded with 1gig RAM and can be upgraded.

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